Web Development

I have experience with creating websites with the following front-end web application frameworks as well as plain HTML/CSS.






I am proficient in the JavaScript, Java, and Python. I am familiar with PHP.




Customer Service


I am provide customer service on a few of my programming projects and for some of my other extracurricular activities the Jira, Zendesk, and Zoho to track cases and Canny Boards to track customer feedback.

Atlassian Jira


Zoho Desk

Canny Boards

Video and Photo Editing

The best example of my video editing skills is the AP US History Decades Project. During this project, I used Adobe XD to create the graphics like the Saturday Night Live (SNL) photos and and Adobe After Effects for some of the effects like the modified SNL Weekend Update introduction.

The video was 16 minutes and needed to explore the cultural aspects of a decade. We chose the 1990s and included one news program, one dance, two commercials, one 1990s slang skit, and one movie trailer. We earned full credit on the assignment.

Adobe After Effects

Weekend Update Intro wo Voice Over.mp4

Saturday Night Live "Decades Update"

Original SNL Weekend Update introduction was designed by another person or group.

Mario Coin Count.mp4

Super Mario World Slang Word Count

Coin animation was designed by another person or group.

Adobe XD

Republican Revolution

The World Wide Web

Design and Art

AutoCAD 3D

Selfie Stick

I have proficiency in AutoCAD Inventor modeling.

One example is a selfie stick I reverse engineered using AutoCAD Inventor.


Robert Downey Jr.

This is a piece I created in a college-level art course where I needed to complete the other side of the image.